Being Mindful in the present moment is the key to finding Bliss

There are many roles I've had in this beautiful journey of life. I'd love to show you a little about me and how I've gotten to this current point of unapologetic self-realization.


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I’m a Lifelong Learner

Since 2016

I’m a Writer

Since 1998

I've always been extremely passionate about writing and sharing my stories with the world.

I'm obsessed with learning new things and have made a commitment to expand my knowledge daily.

Since 2019

I’m a Mindfulness Enthusiast

Having a personal battle with depression and anxiety, plus stress-based racial trauma, I’ve learned a number of techniques that have helped me along my journey. My goal is to make space for others to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives.

I've dedicated my time to developing my knowledge of the wellness, flow art, and esoteric industries to help others find their sense of well-being in the present moment.

With love, Andriana Crawford

Your favourite 250-RYT Yoga & meditation teacher, Flow Artist, Writer, & entrepreneur.

Here are some quick facts about me

I actually have a degree in

I'm obsessed with

Reading fiction

English literature

My favourite yoga pose is

Nothing makes me happier than

Making someone laugh

Matsyasana (Fish)

I started my first business

I’m addicted to


At the age of 19

My Favourite Hobby Is

I'm secretly good at

Video games

Hula Hooping


& Training

I've worked with:

I'm proud of:

The 2 Brands I've launched

I've been able to spark joy in other's lives in multiple ways. I used my interest in photography to launch Phlare Photo Booths in 2019. It has become a staple in the GTA events industry. My passion project, Black Yoga Society, continues to spread messages of self-love and well-being to Black people around the world.


MY book

While it's still in the editing phase, I'm extremely proud of my first novel The Eighth Gate. I started this story back in 2016 and it has grown up with me. My main character's journey is extremely similar to my own as she learns the find strength in unlikely situations to become a version of herself that she never knew she was capable of.


connections i've made

If there's anything I've learned while being an entrepreneur, it's that making REAL connections with REAL people is the best gift. Not only other business owners, but also the people you're able to help as well. Making genuine connections has helped me grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. It's the best gift in life!


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